Pandemic Pondering #142

The prompt for the Art Group today is Walk.

Today @theoldmortuary has walked 16, 000 steps which is something to celebrate. We have also eaten a similar amount of calories. We are not feeling as wrecked as we could have done.

Possibly because the cafe where we stopped had this useful sign.

Surely an encouragement to go beyond the 10,000 daily steps reccomended.

10,000 steps is significant in the Pandemic particularly but also in life in general, because it is considered to be the right amount of walking exercise to maintain a good fitness level.

10, 000 steps,5 and a half miles, 9k or there about, is significant in another hugely important human endeavour.

Spatial Homogamy

Not a word group that springs to mind when thinking of matters of the 💓 or further down.

Spatial Homogamy- The Geography of Love

Pre 1931 most couples mate-selected from within a 10km geographical location. Between 1931 and 1988 despite the advent of motorised transport the distance didn’t change significantly and even with internet dating a distance of less than 5 miles from home or work is the most popular option.

This is represented in the naming of geographical locations. Dogger Bank should not be considered in this pondering.

Lovers Lane.

Lovers Walk

and the obvious name of a piece of street furniture.

The Kissing Gate.

10,000 steps not just a fitness goal.

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