Pandemic Pondering #143

Woo Hoo. The Art Group Prompt- Word, are we really only on day 9, lands like a gift in Ponderings.

We have already established that I was a nerdy child.

Reasons in no particular order

An ‘Only’ child.

Precocious reader.

Undiagnosed Synesthete.

Young, clever,working- class parents.

Older than normal for the time Grandparents. Much more normal now. Children seen but not heard style of granparenting.

There is my first use of perspective. Giving you an insight into my little nerdishness. The ponder that follows is a different perspective.

When I was 5 or 6 the ‘seen and not heard’ grandparents gave me this little book.

Its in a pretty sorry state now but when I dug it out this morning it made me very very happy.

I swallowed everything this book had to teach me.

Here is my favourite page.

When I looked at it this morning it was like meeting an old friend.

This knowledge tucked, into a head too young for it, did not do me any favours. The undiagnosed Synesthete was a tricksy old thing to deal with during my formative years. I never quite fitted into the herd requirements of education and although I could adapt and thrive there is always the feeling of being on the peripheral edges of any group activity. Like everyone that enters higher education I encountered reading lists which I diligently read, but I’ve found the books just peripheral to the reading lists were the ones that have formed my personal perspective of stuff that is important to me.

While searching for the delicious book on Drawing Houses by Sydney R. Jones I chanced upon some other fabulous reads.

Art History and Theory.

Life the Universe and managing awkward buggers and situations.

I’m not sure if Edward Dr Bono is fashionable or current right now. I once worked with his nephew who thought I was mad to love this book. Mad or not it has got me though some awkward moments with my integrity intact.

Understanding minds that are wired up just a little differently.

Finally story telling.

My blog is informed by all these books and many more. What I love about blogging is that it is so simple.

Think about something.

Write about it.

Enjoy and do the research in which ever way you can.

Reference, credit and share without ever having to worry about the Harvard System.

Even writing ‘ Harvard System’ brings me out in a little sweat.

Freedom is my perspective on the merits of blogging.