About- theoldmortuary

theoldmortuary forms part of our home. Our kitchen table is placed in a similar position to the old coffin table. It’s the place where we gather our friends, family and dogs to share conversations.
Art, architecture and style are our favourite topics but no subject is off limits. This blog is a distillation and preservation of the fruits of our conversations. In the spirit of theoldmortuary all observations made by our dogs, Hugo and Lola are ghost written.

A little bit about the actual old mortuary

Part of our home was a Chapel of Repose. Belonging, most recently, to the Co-Op and unused for fifty years it was attached to our cottage and loomed large in our garden.

Damp and derelict it was an ugly relic of a time when most villages had an undertaker. Often a builder or carpenter who supplied coffins to families who dealt with the awfulness and excrescences of death at home. Our chapel was built for the dawning era of corporate death. It was a showroom, rather than the deceaseds own home, where they could lay in chilled tranquility to be visited by mourners. Today it is a comfortable space where conversations and ideas are shared and sometimes typed up onto this blog.