Pandemic Pondering #145

It was all going so well. Pairing Ponderings with the Art Group Prompts. I even felt a little pride that I had knuckled down to prompts after my Prosecco fueled outburst. Then perspective got in the way. I got a bit giddy with excitement and the days and prompts got muddled.

Today at Drawn to the Valley is a fallow day. No prompts while my muddle of Perspective/Moor/River prompts gently and organically settles itself.

By way of apology I posted this image on the Instagram page of Drawn To The Valley.

I’m sure it was the excitement of Perspective that threw me off course.

The plan is pretty simple.

Blogs are written one day in advance to be posted anytime after midnight BST.

A prompt is posted on Instagram on the same day with a similar theme inspired by the prompt word at 7 am .

I’ve no idea how I got into such a pickle but it so happens that Pickle accidentally became the theme of my day. Late in life and in Pandemic Ponderings I have discovered the joy of pickling with a sweet brine.

Pickled grapes have been the excitement of the weekend. Today beyond my Drawn To The Valley prompt pickle I have pickled in sweet brine a combination of Padron Peppers and grapes. Pushing further the flavour combinations of sweet/acidic with some heat.