Pandemic Pondering #138

Crosshatch throws up quite a story. Considering I chose a career, radiography, that was, somewhat, Physics-based my love of Physics has never been passionate, best described as a loyalty and even that seems too warm.

Beyond 14 my school, in common with many in Britain at the time, did not make it easy to study a mix of arts and sciences. I was streamed towards the sciences. When I say streamed, a word that suggests gentle flowing, I actually mean I was weird.

The flow characteristics of my entire life were altered.

Obviously I’ve used a little artistic licence with words to show the impact of the educational choices imposed on me. I did eventually get my Artistic Licence.

Physics with Mr Jolly did not ignite pyrogenic interest but developed the skills , so useful in life, of dull diligence and sketching.

During Physics lessons I diligently learnt physics but filled the borders of my notes and sometimes the text books with crosshatched sketches of Mr Jolly. He had a magnificent 70’s style moustache and wrists and ankles that seemed determined to escape his clothes.

You might wonder why I was drawing in a physics class. Everybody was. My class was made up of 31 boys and me.

14 year old boys are avid artists, nothing is safe from their sketches of penises and breasts, especially when their minds are not engaged fully with the official subject.

I quickly discovered that I could avoid their bullying and ridicule,and be accepted into the drawing gang by being able to sketch Mr Jolly in a series of cartoons. Crosshatching gave him shape and form as, unsurprisingly, only a pen was necessary for physics lessons.

This story could end here, but in honesty it doesn’t.

Radiography took me to many life experiences that did not require too much artistic talent. The medical world has its public face and in a Pandemic the world owes everything to Science and Medicine. However there are some who work in that world who are ego-driven nasty people, they mostly go unchallenged.

On bad days working with egotists those early sketching skills came in useful. The gift of a quickly drawn cartoon sketch of a colleague who was behaving like an utter dick, depicted as an actual dick, could turn the tears of a sad colleague, the victim of unkindness, into smiles.

My 14 year old self would never have drawn a penis but I observed how to do it in Physics. Some talents take a while to find their useful place.

Crosshatching, my story.