Pandemic Pondering #141

Friday Feeling is the prompt word from the art group today. The Friday Feeling has always been more mythological in my mind than an actual sensation. I’ve certainly seen it and wistfully thought about it but it’s never been a massive feature in my life. I’m not sure that I am unusual either. Historically in Britain, Friday afternoon working was regularly slightly, or greatly abbreviated, compared to other afternoons. Friday being the gateway to the weekend there was a sense of anticipation that could be celebrated by either a scheduled or casual attitude to attending work on a Friday afternoon. Obviously Muslim or Jewish colleagues had their own reasons for Friday to be special. Class has also played it’s part. In the seventies, my summer jobs were manual or menial. Life on the factory floor was the same relentless, repetitive experience, on a Friday afternoon as it was any other day. Marked differently only by watching the office staff slip away to the pubs or cafes for Friday afternoon socialising/team building.Working in a 24/7 NHS environment made Fridays very much business as usual although Friday leaving parties or de-stressing sessions could mark Fridays out as special after working hours. In the 1990’s, Military hospitals closed and were merged into local NHS hospitals. During the early years the military staff were not available to be rota’d on Friday afternoons any time after noon. Administration apparently occured on Friday afternoons. 🍷🥃🍺☕. Pandemically speaking a Friday Feeling was lost in the blurr of either lockdown for most and overwork for essential workers. This particular Friday for me is a bit of a moment. A different sort of Friday Feeling.

Earlier this week I heard about pickled grapes, served with Pasta Carbonara. Pickled grapes is something way beyond my personal experience. Carbonara on the other hand is a favourite pasta dish.A recipe on the internet showed me that I had everything to hand.

7th August 2020My Friday Feeling.

So after all that pondering how is my Friday Feeling. This Friday I’m feeling like a woman obsessed by Pickled Grapes.

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