#259 theoldmortuary ponders

I belong to a great bookgroup. Just the right mix of 10 people with wide and interesting reading habits. Absolutely we talk about the book we have all read together each month hi and books that we have read independently. But we also talk about anything else that the books have inspired. Today a bookish t-shirt found a new home.

But most significantly a new word revealed itself at book club today. Viridescent !! Meaning greenish or becoming green. After the wet weeks we’ve had, Viridescent is just about all we can produce in the yard.

Then Sunday arrived with some sunshine which added a bit of colour to the viridescence. Not too much of course.

And then this morning there was a burst of colour.

As daylight established itself it wasnt just me excited to see the flowers of summer. The Bee’s arrived and were immediately busy.

Now if I were a bee I would be all over the gorgeous yellow seed pod, but I suppose he knows his business of collecting pollen better than me . Just one last blooming development, the really fancy poppy revealed its own fondant fancy seed pod, this time it is a subtle lime.

The bees, of course, are elsewhere, inside these lovely petals.

Viridescent you are so yesterday. The yard is blooming.

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