#268 theoldmortuary ponders

Circles of Life.The patterns of a poppy, jelly fish and chandelier are very similar looking images of this weeks blogs. Life doing circles is sometimes more obvious than others. Curiously in the week when my two grown up children have returned, temporarily, to the nest. I have witnessed real birds sitting in nests. Something I have never, knowingly, been close to before.

These three little birds were perched in a nest near a footpath down to the beach at Tregantle. Desperately squeaking for a supper of fresh worm.

Having braved the hurley burley of Padstow on a busy sunny day we managed to escape the crowds by finding a first floor restaurant.

We were not the only ones to have a birds eye view of the crowds while sitting in a calm contemplative space. A pigeon had found herself a snug spot just a few steps from fine dining and a well stocked bar. The chandelier in the top picture would give her light too when daylight faded.

All too soon, of course, these nests, as will mine, will be empty again. The circle of life bringing tristesse after joy as certainly as night follows day. Possibly a glum way to end a blog without reminding ourselves that it is a circle of life and that joy , perhaps yet unimagined, will also follow hard on the heels of tristesse.