#278 theoldmortuary ponders

Covid and the effect on everyones lives continues. After 2 years of not visiting the Eden Project in Cornwall we have now been twice in a week. Once for a standard visit, to gather family together.

Although nothing at Eden is ever too ‘standard’

Our second visit was for a, three times, cancelled zip wire ride over the whole of the Eden site.

The experience was worth the wait and started just by the orange arrow.

And ended by the post marked with 1.

Long time readers of this daily blog will know it started out as Pandemic Ponderings. All that time of Pandemic Ponderings and now theoldmortuary ponders we looked on without this household actually getting Covid. Just like everyone we suffered some terrible losses caused by Covid but the experience taught us so much and forced many decisions that we will live with forever. Some of those decisions have brought positive outcomes. Our recent close acquaintance with Covid changed all our plans over the last few weeks, but even those changes, which we thought were disastrous have brought positives. The point of this closing ramble is, I suppose, that this week we were both, in Eden, and able to view it from an unusual perspective. The last few years have seen us all, in Covid, but soon enough we will be able to view it from a different perspective. Some of the changes forced on us may well turn out to be life enhancing.