#274 theoldmortuary ponders

It’s complicated having Covid. Such gratitude that our experience has been so mild because we are triple vaccinated and usually well. But there are dark thoughts too, so many people have died from this actual virus. Including one close work colleague. I think I may never get over seeing his coffin,alone, in a multi-story car park, near his local Mosque. How could such a fabulous character, full of laughs and smelling of Tom Ford fragrance be contained in such a box. Unthinkable. And yet I do think. Never in my life has being negative meant so much. I really am just joining in at the scrag end of this virus, for the last 28 months I have just watched it from a distance, protected by isolations and then vaccine. Science, technology and luck have got me here, face to face with a notorious and prolific killer. I am very lucky that all our family lost, were some plans. There will be other days for plans.