#66 theoldmortuary ponders

Sunday evening found us going out, out! Just like the backdrop on the stage, going out, out is a tortuous path of Covid regulations now we have entered the age of Omicron.

Two pieces of Covid data.

Gave us access to the auditorium and bar. The bar had no seats but in these hygienic times there is no problem sitting on the floor as everything is cleaned to perfection.

Almost perfection, ordering at the bar had its humorous Omicron twist. You can buy bottled drinks but they can only be served with the lid removed. Nothing says hygiene more than a busy bartender twisting off the hygienically sealed lid with their hands and passing it to you to drink directly from the bottle.

Enough of Omicron, we were out, out to see National Treasure and multi talented musician, actor and comedian Bill Bailey.

©Twitter Bill Bailey

We had a fabulously entertaining evening out, how wonderful to laugh with hundreds of others rather than at home.

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