#75 theoldmortuary ponders

And so. As the Northern hemisphere awakes it has gone through the longest night. My shortest day was spent at the speed of a 90 year old visitor. There is much to reccomend about such a speed. Less expectation to achieve everything and just plenty of time just to natter and almost meditatively wrap the small gifts that end up in stockings. Stocking-gift wrapping also gave me the wonderful aroma of beautifully fresh Navel Oranges , which must always be in every stocking. Surely a good reason to just breath deeply and relax.

There are still many dark days to fill with introspection but as the world turns we are looking towards the light now.

There are many more stocking gifts to wrap up but just crossing the winter solstice gives me a lightness of thought.

Time to enjoy the lengthening days and the anticipation of gathering in modified ways for Christmas and the New Year with family and friends. Time to look forward.

P.S This is the sunrise at 8:10