#56 theoldmortuary ponders

These illuminated winter trees warm up my late afternoon dog walk. I try to get the second dog walk of the day done before the sun starts to dip below the horizon. There just seems to be something wrong about having two or even three walks of the day done in darkness. Again yesterday I missed the dimpsy twilight and hit full on dark just by delaying our departure a tiny bit. These trees, recently illuminated, perked our walk up marvelously.

The dogs have the unique experience of having a wee while illuminated. Something that they are completely indifferent to. Were the same thing to happen to me I might also struggle to see the beauty of the moment.

Trees are not the only thing to have taken on some festivity. The tunnel that leads directly to the sea is a bright arc of colour.

Wonderful as this all is I really need to get out earlier if I want to catch the last hour or so of daylight for the next couple of months. Maybe I should set an afternoon alarm!