#66 theoldmortuary ponders

Sunday evening found us going out, out! Just like the backdrop on the stage, going out, out is a tortuous path of Covid regulations now we have entered the age of Omicron.

Two pieces of Covid data.

Gave us access to the auditorium and bar. The bar had no seats but in these hygienic times there is no problem sitting on the floor as everything is cleaned to perfection.

Almost perfection, ordering at the bar had its humorous Omicron twist. You can buy bottled drinks but they can only be served with the lid removed. Nothing says hygiene more than a busy bartender twisting off the hygienically sealed lid with their hands and passing it to you to drink directly from the bottle.

Enough of Omicron, we were out, out to see National Treasure and multi talented musician, actor and comedian Bill Bailey.

©Twitter Bill Bailey

We had a fabulously entertaining evening out, how wonderful to laugh with hundreds of others rather than at home.

#21 theoldmortuary ponders

Ten pin bowling after two years of lockdowns and avoiding crowded spaces was an Alice in Wonderland kind of experience. The noise, the colours and the nightclub style lighting made it a hyperreal experience. No magic potions were imbibed , although liberal amounts of alcohol were used to clean our hands because bowling balls are still communal. Even though we bowled out of a large perspex box and wore our own shoes. I can’t say I was ever a huge fan of wearing those communal shoes. Putting on shoes damp with my own sweat is always a bit grim, let alone the sweat of a random stranger who just happens to have feet the same size. The thing about ten pin bowling for fun is the absolute joy it beings to everyone involved. With each pod of bowlers contained in a perspex box there is less interaction but the air is constantly punctured by happiness in the form of cheers at success and woeful groans as the ball fails to do what the bowler intended. Alas my bowling skills have diminished during Covid but my ability to laugh at how hopeless I am seems almost to have improved. This morning as I woke up I discovered muscles in my fingers that have been tuned overnight to be ready for unusual action. Too bad that a handshakes are no longer popular I could do a nasty crush with just with my freshly sporty fingers.

Pandemic Pondering #528

Our first night out in a Theatre for over two years. What a blast! The Rocky Horror Show, where the audience are as flamboyant as the cast. But with masks!

Not quite the great Cuban ballet dancer Carlos Acosta that my original tickets were for but absolutely a show and an audience with all the right moves to make this a memorable first night

Vouchers for my 2019 birthday finally bought us a night out…

Pandemic Pondering #513

©Uphill Farm

Another Saturday night at the fireside. A month ago we went to a wedding, the first in many years. We so enjoyed the wedding and the venue that when they advertised a Fire Feast we were very swift to book a ticket.

©Uphill Farm

Sharing platters and communal seating under a marquee without sides made for a really comfortable event that felt more like a village fete gathering than a tentful of strangers. More comfortable than a village gathering because village gatherings always have the local personalities you would rather avoid. ( My own growing-up village had the post master who at only five feet 4 inches tall was also a peeping Tom, rather a challenge, but one that he rose to at weekends)

The marquee is within a walled garden on the edge of Dartmoor so everything that grows there is slightly ahead of our coastal yard.

The food was magnificent and music from Winter Mountain was very chilled as the name suggests. We had a great time, so good that we failed to take many pictures so this is a tiny blog. Below are some pictures from the Uphill Farm website. Have a fabulous Sunday, wherever you are.