Pandemic Pondering #154

Ponderings have very little planning , just musings about things that come up in daily life. August has been slightly different as I am running the Instagram campaign for an Art Group.Every day for a month a prompt word from a list compiled by someone else is given to members. I just upload an image and remind members what the word of the day is. For ease, despite not being the biggest fan of this kind of themed/prompt style of running social media, I decided to use the same word to inspire my bloggings. It has not been as hard as I imagined. Today is day 20 of the prompts for August and Pandemic Pondering #200. The word is ‘throwback’ . Things could not be any worse. If I dislike prompts I dislike the predictable ones even more. For example Monday Motivation, Throwback Thursday, Friday Feeling.It was with horror I realised that a ‘special number’ pondering #200 would be saddled with one of my least favourite prompts.Crazy really as pondering is an almost constant reflecting back.My relationship with prompt words just reflects a bigger antithesis to being controlled while being creative.I adapt recipes.I dance like noone is watching.I used to reassign colours and numbers with paint by numbers sets.The last one is bonkers 😂. How I wish I had kept them. It was an early manifestation of a curious mind not quite happy to conform.This August prompting experience has taught me to just get on with it. Something I’m more than happy to do in real life but resistant to in my creative space.That’s my pre-pondering over, time to get on with throwing back.Serendipity, a key word in pondering throws me back to last Saturday/Sunday when this crazy arrangement happened @theoldmortuary.Three things with identical colours collided on our coffee table.The first and most permanent one is The Vanity of Small Differences by Grayson Perry.Link to Grayson Perry art/sociological essay style picture book for adults. A lovely book to dip into for lots of reasons. His illustrations are completely engaging, our two year old grand daughter also loves it for the funny stories you can make up using his pictures.The second item creating Serendipity was this unexpected free gift from a coffee roasting company, it had arrived with our coffee bean order and was left on the table.Link to Butterworths third serendipitous item was this lovely bunch of locally grown fresh flowers, that arrived in the hands of some friends who came for supper on Saturday night.This lovely bunch of flowers pulled the whole crazy colour and pattern match together. They were bought from one of the many road side stalls that can be found in the lanes of the Tamar Valley. Historically the Tamar Valley was one of the very important areas for growing fruit and veg because of its rich soil and gentle, warm and wet, climate. The produce was shipped and later carried by train to London for customers from all over the country. These flowers and the produce stalls they come from are all that is left from a growing region that, relatively, grows no more.Link to Tamar Valley AONB Pondering #200 done. Where will we be by #300.

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