Pandemic Pondering #151

Wave is the prompt word of the Art Group. It would be easy living, as I do, close to the sea to share pictures of lapping waves. But today the word Wave gives me a direct link with our other home zone, Lambeth, London.

Not Waving but Drowning is a poem I loved as a teenager. Filed in my mind but not actually reread until today. I find it’s exquisite accuracy even more moving with a perspective altered by many years of adulthood, and the growing understanding of the fragility of young male mental health.

It is the most famous of Stevie Smith’s poems,published in 1957, it addresses death, as much of her work does, without sentiment.

And so on to the Lambeth connection.

Not Waving but Drowning is the second album by Loyle Carner a Lambeth born Hip-Hop artist. I’m not sure I’ve worked out why the album shares its name with Smith’s poem but Loyle is an Ambassador for CALM which is a charity working to support mens mental health. Hip Hop might not be your thing but Carners lyrics are as sharply accurate as Smith’s poetry.

Both the poetry of Smith and the lyrics of Loyle Carner use words to create a wave of emotion

I am in awe of their ability. I hope you are inspired to read more Smith and listen to Loyle Carner. Follow this link.

Not Waving, but drowning is the inspiration for this painting #mensmentalhealthawarenes

Not all creative ideas go to plan.

I wanted to push this image into a less figurative work. Unlike poetry or music some things are not great when reproduced. This print only really works if you can see it.

Man overwhelmed @theoldmortuary

Loyle Carner on Table Manners Podcast.

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