#405 theoldmortuary ponders

I am not entirely sure how @theoldmortuary will mark Advent+ 2022, but as I write this I am below this year’s window dressing. Up somewhat temporarily because today is cold but extraordinarily bright so I have no idea how this looks from outside. Outside looked like this at 8am.

Personally I am on the countdown to the shortest day on the 21st of December. I am not one for short days. I like to maximise my outdoor time in December and January just to prove to myself how utterly useless I would be any further North in the Northern Hemisphere. Last night I delayed my afternoon walk a bit to catch some luxury yachts that were moored up nearby,to facilitate visits by prospective purchasers. An interesting sales drive specific to those who have a Christmas wish list considerably different to mine. But ever the neon-loving human that I am, a walk involving twinkle and glitz,is a walk enhanced. Lola was having no part in me photographing extreme luxury and reduced several million pounds worth of spending,to an abstract light-show by robust ear scratching as I pressed the shutter.

The dogs interest on a walk is always more olfactory than visual. They appear to not notice the short days as long as their regular haunts are visited several times a week. Perhaps I should be more dog about these dark months.

But since my sense of smell has once more deserted me I am spared the lamp post sniffing rituals of my canine friends, which possibly only leaves snuggling on the sofa which is the only other preferred or acceptable winter activity for our dogs. Perhaps ‘Be More Dog’ is not really a great idea for health and productivity.