#385 theoldmortuary ponders

November surprised us yesterday. Our plans involved fairly heavy rain, a constant state of being damp and a mug of soup as a reward for battling inclement weather.

There was no battle.

For more than two hours blue skies chased away the greige of the previous week. The tide at Wembury was low enough to fill those hours with rock-pooling adventures.

But first a little bit of serendipity, the foreground in the top picture of the blog shows seaweed copying a geographical feature.

We had taken wellies to walk the muddy coastal path but they got use taking us into the deeper rock pools.

Unfortunately, we both suffer from very muscular calf syndrome. ( some might call them plump) So we only wear short wellies, short wellies are no match for a rapidly incoming tide so we needed to be quite nimble to avoid wet feet. Hugo and Lola had no such problems and bravely waded into rock pools up to their chests in water. Lola was rewarded for enthusiasm, on her return to dry land, by a swift right hook from Hugo.

Balance prevented any watery rock pool pictures but the dry bits had captured some wonderful sea detritus from the previous weeks stormy weather.

Then the tide came in and with it the weather.

Turning our rock pool world into a playground for much braver souls.