#399 theoldmortuary ponders

©Annette Wrathmell

It was a flat-cap kind of day at an exhibition in Gunnislake today, and not because of this excellent print by Annette Wrathmell.

Mark Fielding was giving a portrait sketch demonstration and his sitter was Andy Spry.

Andy is a daffodil grower with over 300 varieties of daffodils nurtured in his fields. Mark is a member of Drawn to the Valley and a well known portraitist. I was keen to watch Mark at work but my attention was caught, not so much by the sketching, as by the easy conversation between the two. How often, if ever, do you get the chance to watch the natural ebb and flow of a conversation between two people who have not previously met. I had thought I was there to witness one thing but became absorbed by something else altogether. The conversation between the sitter and artist was fascinating, sweeping from Daffodil varieties to the legacy of local artist Robert Lenkiewcz. Mark Fielding, was once his pupil. On the way the conversation touched on the hands of working men.

Andy talked about the wisdom of generations of flower farmers.Mark shared some of the wisdom of Lenkiewicz.

The tone of the tone.

The colour of the colour.

The shape of the shape.

It was a flat cap kind of day.