#365 theoldmortuary ponders

Just a regular day with a walk in the village. For Wimbledon this flamboyant cyclist is just a regular cyclist. You can see his London adventures on his Instagram page.


Flamboyance can be the picture theme of the day, although the rest are totally natural. There is nothing like the pleasure of Charity Shop shopping in the more affluent areas of London. With three hours to spend out of the house we were very happy shoppers. A brand new cashmere scarf for £20 and the same price for a Cos dress we were very sartorially satisfied.

The vegetables also felt a little flamboyant.

Along with some very prickly chestnuts.

Breakfast of Champions or in truth the Cheese Straw that all others are judged against.

Even the fungus on the way home got the flamboyance memo.

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