#362 theoldmortuary ponders

Bright sunshine illuminating a water bottle on the morning dog walk. Fascinating round shapes are the common theme of this blog. Walking the dogs on Wimbledon Common in October is such a pleasure on these sunny days. I am keeping them on their leads as it is acorn season and the squirrels are very busy packing away their winter stores. Lola is the tracker dog of our family and really cannot be trusted when there is a lot of squirrel activity. Apart from squirrels Wimbledon Common has some famous creatures, that have featured in books, films and TV series. They even had a chart hit once. It also has some creatures I have no desire to meet.

As yet we have not tracked down a Womble, but we found the home of someone who is probably best left to the imagination.

The bright red sawdust made me notice this hole in a tree but closer inspection revealed an interior design that made me not want to meet the designer.

Monday mornings !