#366 theoldmortuary ponders

For a mad moment yesterday, we considered going to the re-opening day of Battersea Power Station. I have loved the hefty 1940s monolith all of my life. For many of my London living years, it was a welcome sign of heading home.

I also liked to sketch it in the years when all the outlying buildings had been knocked down for the redevelopment.

Maybe visiting on the first day of the reopened building was a bit foolhardy but as it turned out we ran out of time and the Evening Standard ran stories of massive crowds.


We were slowed down in other parts of Battersea, by sourdough pizza and Turks Head Pumpkins.

And wonderful retro items, an old phone and a VW Beetle.

Which are both a similar vintage to Battersea Power Station. Which makes the day rather retro. Our afternoon plans altered by a shortage of time took a different and unexpected turn.

Our afternoon dog walk was going to be in Putney Vale Cemetery doing a guided tour of Notable People’s graves, but our early morning care of a new baby grandaughter combined with the convenience of a bed in our camper van meant that as soon as we arrived in the cemetery an afternoon nap occurred, honestly the first time we have ever slept in a graveyard.

Who Knows Where The Time Goes.

Not just a random quote but a rather appropriate lyric for this blog from Fairport Convention.

Sandy Denny is one of those notable people who is buried in Putney Vale Cemetery. Her lyrics on this song are also poignantly appropriate for an afternoon spent kicking autumn leaves around in a peaceful corner of Putney Vale.