#364 theoldmortuary ponders

I love the buttery grubbiness of a London Clay brick. I could bore you all with my love of these things. Of course, this beautiful autumn weather makes everything look glorious.

My second week of new baby care has slightly wider horizons. Not that Wimbledon Common has exactly been restrictive. Yesterday there were many firsts.

A trip to Gails on Northcote Rd for daytime snacking to do a first breastfeeding in public session and the inevitable first nappy change in a cafe toilet. Then it was off to Battersea for Miss B and her mum to visit work colleagues. I had a few moments alone to enjoy Battersea Art Centre. Link below for you to do the same. The many pleasures of Battersea were all basking in the sharp, warm sunlight.


There were also some repeated experiences. Cannazaro Park with the curvaceous, hospitable, sculptured, water fountain turned on.

This autumn appears to be a vintage acorn season, there are hundreds of them littering pavements and parks. Lola is mostly on squirrel tracking duties. We have tried letting her run free but she almost seems overwhelmed by the richness of nature in her London walks out. She is torn by her hunting urge and her need to be very near us. She almost looks grateful when her lead goes back on. Not so for a whippet called Tommy, whose owner we met yesterday. We never actually met Tommy. He was just the flash of an accelerating dark shape in the autumn undergrowth. His owners plaintiff calling getting more and more desperate as fifteen minutes passed and we and Tommy got further and further away.