#271 theoldmortuary ponders

What have I learned about being Covid + during a heatwave. Caffeine in an iced coffee at 3pm is the most magical thing. Sapped of energy by both internal and external forces, caffeine is the wonder drug I have discovered. Normally caffeine does not pass my lips after midday. If it did that old charmer,insomnia, would be snapping at my muscles and picking around in my head to cause upset. However Mr Covid has made my head thicker than porridge and the tentacles of doom that caffeine energises cannot penetrate in any way at all.

Fresh air this evening, our little coven of covid positives took ourselves off to an enchanted wood where we knew we were no risk to anyone. Two hours of paddling and fresh breezes rustling through trees perked up our viral load, with no human contact, the end.

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