Pandemic Pondering #463

The unexpected events blog.

Just four days in a west facing garden and our Black Elder has bloomed for the first time ever. Despite being moved into a pot last autumn.

Yesterday was spent mostly playing solitaire with boxes. The joy at actually owning a garage to put stuff in cannot be over estimated but if anything has been learned in the last few months it is that we must aim to own less stuff! In the garage must not mean out of mind.

Our evening swim was fabulous, only five minutes from home on foot. Many lovely Bobbers and a huge pod of dolphins. The entertained us for nearly an hour in Tranquility Bay.

There was a lot to be grateful for yesterday and having an espresso martini just before 10pm gave me many awake hours overnight to mull over our good fortune.

A daft idea at 10pm!

Today may be the day for a scheduled nap. I may crawl into a box when no-one is watching.

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