Pandemic Pondering #463

The unexpected events blog.

Just four days in a west facing garden and our Black Elder has bloomed for the first time ever. Despite being moved into a pot last autumn.

Yesterday was spent mostly playing solitaire with boxes. The joy at actually owning a garage to put stuff in cannot be over estimated but if anything has been learned in the last few months it is that we must aim to own less stuff! In the garage must not mean out of mind.

Our evening swim was fabulous, only five minutes from home on foot. Many lovely Bobbers and a huge pod of dolphins. The entertained us for nearly an hour in Tranquility Bay.

There was a lot to be grateful for yesterday and having an espresso martini just before 10pm gave me many awake hours overnight to mull over our good fortune.

A daft idea at 10pm!

Today may be the day for a scheduled nap. I may crawl into a box when no-one is watching.

Pandemic Pondering #291

My apologies for the slightly late publishing of the blog today. The truth is the situation in Washington and the continuing Pandemic had made me an ornery ponderer last night and I woke up in no better frame of mind. Then a set of circumstances dropped me at Firestone Bay in time for a golden dawn.

Its hard to be ornery when the sun warms my face despite the temperature being -1. A pod of dophins are playing in this image, cheekily following the paddle boarders.

More of these images tomorrow once I’ve done some editing.

Pandemic Pondering #286

Rescued Gerbera see PP#343

Today started earlyish, a dog walk prior to another morning swim. These are ponderings in a pandemic there will be a certain repetitive nature to my ponders. Dog walks, coffee and some wittering- on are the skeleton on which a pondering is built. As luck would have it a new habit of ‘ Bobbing’ started during the first lockdown, something new to bore you with. Often any of these activities occurs within the beautiful landscape that we are lucky enough to live in. Usually any activity can create a photo opportunity but not today. Greige was the state of the weather this morning. My excuse for using a bright Gerbera picture as the header image.

©Andy Cole

By the time we got to the ‘ Bobbing’ part of the day the greige had lifted a little. On the way to our beach we spotted a pod of dolphins cavorting in Firestone Bay. If we had swum a little earlier they would have been playing in our swimming area. Sadly they were attracted away by stand up paddle boarders. SUP’s. One of them captured this amazing picture. Something we would never have managed during our cold, submerged activity.

©South West Sup

Time for this ponder to stop and just appreciate this beautiful creature.