Pandemic Pondering #491

On the road. Having tried out our dancing legs at a wedding last week we are off to a festival.

Not quite there but close enough, Dorset artisinal coffee and baked goods on board we are off to search for an old pink cardigan.

This exact pink cardigan, knitted for my summer holiday many moons ago. Here it is being modelled on the beach at Frinton-on-Sea, Essex. One week later we were at the top of Lulworth Castle, in Dorset, when I slipped it off to skip about a bit. We were many miles away by the time I realised I hadn’t ever picked it up. Admitting this to my parents was not my most popular moment. Fifty years or so later I’m heading back to collect it. I’m hopeful that my parents will do any ashy, dust to dust, other realm jig when they realise my half a century too-late diligence.

It will be time to put the flags out when we are reunited.

Spot the strutting seagull in one of these images.