Pandemic Pondering #481

Sun setting on an extraordinary weekend. But also a reminder to always keep our eyes open. Today I walked passed an ex-colleague who I would dearly have loved to have a natter with. Our weekend has been filled with meteorological sunshine. It’s pretty cool to walk from home to overlook the finish line of an International Sailing competition and your tea still be too hot to drink on arrival.

And then to watch the competitors sail back in to their temporary accommodation.

The sunshine also lit up our back yard.

And at night the back yard lit itself up.

All that lovely sunshine stored up in Solar panels to make the evening brighter. This weekend has also had some darker moments but life just like the weather can’t be constant sunshine, we just need to keep some reserves in hand to make these things more tolerable.

In other news, a very old bear was unpacked today. There was a serious problem with his stuffing which required immediate attention. The patient is seen here enjoying a post anaesthetic cup of tea. He will soon be back on his feet.

©Gill Bobber/ Marianne Bobber

Passionfruit and Mango Sundaes to mark the end of Sunday.

©Hannah Bobber

Pandemic Pondering #480

Sunday vibes, time to take in the sunshine and rust of our surroundings.

A lovely bit of rust.

Rust is not the first thing to think about in the summer but sunshine and rust do work rather well together. As these pictures show. All gathered on a dog walk on Saturday

There were very few casualties of our recent move but for some reason one mirror rusted up in storage so now he has found a new home in the garden where he can rust and reflect in equal measure.

An old industrial door near the sea.

And because this is just a Sunday Quickie blog I’ve cheated a bit with the final picture no rust at all but a very rusty sunset.