Pandemic Pondering #37

Saturday Confidential. Lockdown is a great time to make confessions. Within the four walls of home with a very limited audience, two of them dogs, my ignorance will remain virtually a secret.There is some shame, I must admit, I’ve always been a wordnerd and I’ve always been an ambivert.There you are it’s out. I’ve learnt a new word, ambivert, and I should have known it years ago because I’ve been living that psychological profile since I was a foetus.©Google

I learnt this word quite by accident. I chanced upon another bloggers blog.

Hannes van Eeden writes Wandering Ambivert. A blog that I enjoy because I love his writing style. stuff out of the way back to the word.I’m really not sure how I’ve missed the word . I love a personality test and the NHS where I worked for years was an early adopter of Psychometric Testing . To be honest I’m still not sure that Psychometric testing really helps to make the best decisions if you follow it slavishly, without using instinct, yes I do know about unconscious and indeed conscious bias. This is not the point of this blog. Personality tests, for me, have always been a bit of fun.Personality tests have certainly pointed me the way of being an ambivert but have used way more words and explanations than the simple explanation at the top of this blog. A week or so after learning the word I’m luxuriating in and snuggling right into it. It feels like the warmest cuddly jumper and just like a cosy jumper I can pop my extravert head out anytime I need to, to leave my introvert self. Perfection.

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