Pandemic Ponderings #25 Chapter 4

Here we go off to Hungary with an artist friend Ildiko who sent me these words and pictures.

“Easter traditions go back to pagan ones. It’s the start of spring, the break from lent. On Easter Monday morning men would draw fresh water from the well and splash that over the young women to keep them fresh for the coming year.
Nowadays this ‘watering’ is done with parfume and is slightly more sophisticated. Boys and men would visit female members of their families, say a short, funny, sometimes rude and erotic rhyme, at the end of which they ask permission ‘to water’ the lady/girl. They get permission and in return they receive an egg. Traditionally these eggs would be dyed and decorated, the must common being a red one, but more often theyare now chocolate eggs and kids get money. All visitors would be offered drinks and food and it’s rude not to take any, so men would return home drunk and bursting at the seams 😅😅 ”

This fresh looking plate is the traditional Hungarian Easter Feast .

Boiled smoked ham with boiled eggs and spring vegetables.

From traditional food to Sam Fords Easter Feast in Lockdown . Sam is a long term friend and ex- neighbour whose honest approach to an Easter Feast suits us @theoldmortuary very well.

“Although it was a specifically religious feast the food itself signified nothing more than a love of kitchen work matched with pretentious tastes!”

“This is a (sort of) lamb shawarma from yesterday. I also stuffed medjool dates with walnut, coconut and cardamom powder”.

Sam works with a Bristol Charity One25.

Visit the charities website to see the amazing work this charity does.

This chapter is top and tailed by artist friends.

Check out this cake from Janet Brady.

Love in cake form.