Sticky Quickie#18

Pondering today feels a little more relaxed than yesterday. Today the word is Sticky. Once again inspired by the Instagram prompts for an art group.

I’ve always considered the word sticky to be onomatopoeic, the two syllables mimicking the breaking sensation when stickiness loosens it’s hold and the breakaway occurs. I could well be hopelessly wrong. That doesn’t particularly bother me. What bothers me is my indecision on my like or dislike of the word. Context in this case is everything.

Is sticky a sensuous word? The Rolling Stones gave it a libidinous thrill with their album. Sticky Fingers.

©The Rolling Stones

And then sometime later turned it into a finger licking, gustatory delight with the London Restaurant, Sticky Fingers, owned by band member Bill Wyman.

©Sticky Fingers Restaurant

A meeting yesterday prompted pondering as sticky gave me another use of the word. There were evident under currents,mostly due to people not listening accurately. My slightly awkward discomfort manifested itself in a doodle of the words ‘ Sticky Situation’

” But can we make it stick” either literally as in bonding together or metaphorically, for applying evidence or data.

Is this image sticky?

That’s a sticky one.