8 uninterrupted minutes

Aqua aerobics is an unusual place to experience a favourite music track.
Donna Summer released ‘ I Feel Love’ in 1977. It was a moment; 8 minutes long, it was a futuristic and ground- breaking recording. 35 years after its release the track does not sound dated.It was a key moment in the history of Dance music.

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It was the backbone and pleasure zone of my nightclub and party life in London and Brighton.

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Nightclub and party life is , for most of us, a lovely but passing phase. With time ‘I Feel Love’ for me has become an unexpected and rare pleasure at weddings or work parties. A moment to slip responsibilities and, more contemporary, musical tastes. A time to dance and move for 8 uninterrupted minutes.

Somehow, inexplicably, I’ve become the sort of person who dips their toes and, in fact, all of me into a pool for aqua aerobics. Dumbells are involved. Donna Summer became involved.The much loved opening notes swirled across the pool. The familiar throb made a little impotent by the new, watery surroundings did its best to lure me in. It was impossible and inappropriate to lose myself in the moment as would be usual. I was among strangers and responsible not only for dumbells but also my own and others safety. Doing things with dumbells in water and moving effectively in the same shape as the instructor is tricksy to say the least, no time to get funky and flexible. I’m not sure I ever achieved gracefully executed exercise but on a positive note there were no unseemly moments, above the surface at least.

The unimaginable happened. A pleasure the younger me would never have condoned. The shortened version was used; its brevity made me smile. 8 minutes interrupted was perfectly acceptable on this occasion.