I’m running an Instagram account for an arts organisation again this week. As these things often are,it is led by a hashtag +prompt. Today’s prompt is #nuts. To be honest the arts organisation is a million miles away from my daily ponderings on this blog. I’m not even sure I’ve mentioned it in any posts. However my personal response to the word ‘ nuts’ was so very typical of the ponderings of theoldmortuary I thought I would share it. I am constantly intrigued by what makes stuff stuff and why people do what they do. Some of my painted abstract landscapes have a similar specificity, they might be massive but in fact are only representational of maybe a square metre of actual ground

Beast From The East © theoldmortuary

Beast of the East is 1.5 metres square but was inspired by a tiny piece of frozen mud during the winter cold snap of 2018.
Similarly the photograph of nuts on wooden piles near the Staten Island ferry terminal, although only an area of a couple of metres, has come to represent the whole of New York and it’s development. A simple representation of construction without all the glitz and glamour that is the usual depiction of the city.In part this image was also created by one of my favourite books.

I’d read New York by Edward Rutherford, twice before I visited New York and found my self fascinated , not by the traditional tourist things but by the awesome engineering and construction that has created this amazing city.

The image of those four nuts basking in the sunlight on wooden piles has become my personal iconic image of New York.

Trawling my image archive to find this picture has given me a huge amount of inspiration for future blogs . I’m excited to ponder all that I picked up in New York in future blogs. Which I suppose is the point of a blog of no great significance.