Texture change at theoldmortuary

Nothing big but February sees theoldmortuary joining a gym.

It’s 12 years since we last saw a gym or rowed competitively. Time to get the bones at theoldmortuary moving.

We certainly didn’t plan to be away from fitness this long but life has a way of confuscating plans and good intentions.

The London Years replaced leisure fitness with punishing work hours and amazing cultural experiences, coupled with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the capitals independent coffee shops and sourdough purveyors.

Yes we are that shallow, caffeinated and plumptious from bakery products and cultural experiences.

This blog is not about to become lithe and lycra clad . Pondering will remain at its heart. Occasionally though the humour of the life of fitness returners might make an appearance.

We start with the walk-round.

We are coupled with a glossy and lovely pair of people. In our hands we have various complimentary vouchers.

The club we joined has a new gym and refurbished areas. As we were shown into the spinning room.( I could act faux naive and say I expected homely weavers creating yarn from their Vegan Yaks. But I know what goes on in a spinning room and I know that with our current level of fitness , walking would not occur for many days after a spinning session)

Not so for the glossy couple.

” Oh ” she says with genuine joy ” We could live in here”

We remain impressed but silent as we continue the tour.

The coffee shop is our last port of call on the tour. We have free vouchers.

A thought bubble erupts from my slightly over-awed head. Nothing I try contains it.

And we had vouchers!