Love Tree/Jelly Shoe

There are only so many days that you can wake up to another grey, Cornish day and feel inspired by the stark bleakness of it all. Yesterday I walked the dogs in very quiet country lanes looking for a specific tree that I had read about in a local magazine.

Known as the Love Tree , I caught it in a rare moment of brightness. It interests me as I want to produce a simple tree image in the style of Art Nouveau for a project I’m working on.

It is a monumental Elm tree and the trunk is carved with initials, some of them very old. My photograph is not the best for showing this.

Because my eye was taken by a much more contemporary action. A child’s jelly shoe has been slotted into a woody crevice.

The remoteness of the rural location suggests this is a deliberate act. I am intrigued.

3 thoughts on “Love Tree/Jelly Shoe

  1. I enjoyed this post for two reasons – the tree reminded me of one near my house, having been a canvas for all kinds of messages over the years – though it is a beech tree. And as for the shoe, I recently encountered something along the same lines during one of my art dropoffs that I chronicle on another blog – I wondered the same thing. Put there on purpose, but why?

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  2. paulinepoyntz

    It may be remote, but from looking at all the engravings ,it is certain many people love to visit and pass by the love tree. Some one dropped a jelly shoe and someone picked it up and “posted “ it so that it would be found on the next visit, or if the loser decided to retrace their steps. Is it still there?
    I love trees so much and this one is a beautiful specimen . I would give it a hug and ask it to call the owner of the jelly shoe to pay another visit.


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