BlogBlock/Spring Clean

I’ve not been blogging as much as recently as I feel I should. There are many reasons for this. The start of my bloggersblock came on almost overnight in September when I couldn’t write about my experience of visiting the 9/11 Memorial museum in New York. I just couldn’t find the words that fitted the sensations and emotions of my visit. 6 months on I’m not sure I feel any more competent .This is important to me but really shouldn’t stop me writing about other stuff. To me it seems like a cavernous hole in my blogging capability but until I wrote this who even knew it existed. So why did I make such a big thing about it.

The middle bit of my blockage came with research and contemplation. I started this blog because someone told me it was hard and I wouldn’t be able to keep it up. Maybe not the best motivation for starting a blog and actually they weren’t entirely wrong. I am a stubborn and determined mule when told I can’t do something. Then I run out of swagger grow a horn and flitter unproductively about like the mule/ unicorn crossbreed I really am.

I’ve researched long and interestedly into blogging and the use of social media , in particular for digital migrants like myself. Finding readers for a blog written by someone over fifty is in itself a challenge because the age range of the ‘average’ blogger or blog reader is somewhat younger. I also needed to contemplate the point of my blog, my initial spurt of writings had a loose theme but in many respects I was all over the place . I made a vague New Year resolution that I would sort it, the blog, out and give it more focus. January and February came and went and here we are half way through March and I’m no nearer to a tidy focussed blog than I was a year ago when I started. In my defence I have been busy doing art and learning new skills and writing for other people. I realise now how challenging it is to be a lone operator, there is only me to do the stuff.

The denouement is that my blog is more or less what I want it to be . It needs to be tidier and more focussed and needs regular but not obsessive attention. A little digital spring cleaning and a breath of fresh air should sort things out

If anyone has any hints or tips please share them


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