#2 theoldmortuary ponders

I could be in complete denial that autumn is in full glory this morning. The trees outside my room are uniformly green. Yesterday was bright and sunny and the street markets I explored were still selling whisps of dresses in bright sunshine. It is all a bit of trickery, the trees rustle with squirrels busy stockpiling seeds and acorns and market traders need to sell summer stock to empty their warehouses for heavier winter clothes.

Likewise, in denial, this beautiful assemblage of coloured- glass, domestic objects and a tea strainer, twinkle in bright sunlight against a robustly healthy Banana tree.

More trickery of course. The banana tree lives in a micro climate. Surrounded on all sides by tall, Georgian town houses that protect it from harsh easterly winds that whip the east of England and blow up the Thames estuary, burning delicate foliage at first touch.

Attending a writing course is a lot like trickery and microclimates. The conclave ( secret meeting) format relaxes absolute strangers into shared and deeper mental intimacy; providing a fertile literary microclimate to explore and evolve writing styles and to sort out the dry areas in our creativity.

The beauty of attending face to face meetings again is that we can be experimental and risky away from our domestic environment. The sights, sounds and smells around Spitalfields are so stimulating, the architecture spans centuries and the people are from every corner of the world. Every course member walks into the writing room with some new common layers of sensation sprinkled on to their existing diverse life experiences. Advanced blog writing was a blast this weekend, thanks to everyone who shared it. You know who you are.

4th January, no Advent, blogging wilderness?

There is a slight hesitancy in emerging from the last blog of an entirely self created Advent of 34 days . I’ve had to remind myself that this is, in my own words, a blog of no consequence.

It feels a little like my personal New Year’s Day, without the pressure of resolutions or plans. Whilst writing Advent blogs, other stories, photos and paintings occured that didn’t fit my writing brief for those 34 days. They will have their moments in the sun soon enough.

Today feels like a day to explain. I have always loved random information. Before Google or Wikipedia I was often the go to person for random knowledge. I’ve become socially redundant and if I’m honest a little resentful of Messrs Google and Wiki.

Naturally an introvert, random facts or useful knowledge were my carapaces of Extravertedness.

Attending a blog writing course with The Gentle Author gave me the clarity and freedom to examine my motivation for blogging.

Not for me a blog of worthiness or of great usefulness. This is a blog of no consequence, some random thoughts and facts and an occasional English word gleaned from my trusty 1971 Thesaurus.

It is also an occasional platform for the thoughts of Hugo and Lola who are present on most of theoldmortuary adventures

BlogBlock/Spring Clean

I’ve not been blogging as much as recently as I feel I should. There are many reasons for this. The start of my bloggersblock came on almost overnight in September when I couldn’t write about my experience of visiting the 9/11 Memorial museum in New York. I just couldn’t find the words that fitted the sensations and emotions of my visit. 6 months on I’m not sure I feel any more competent .This is important to me but really shouldn’t stop me writing about other stuff. To me it seems like a cavernous hole in my blogging capability but until I wrote this who even knew it existed. So why did I make such a big thing about it.

The middle bit of my blockage came with research and contemplation. I started this blog because someone told me it was hard and I wouldn’t be able to keep it up. Maybe not the best motivation for starting a blog and actually they weren’t entirely wrong. I am a stubborn and determined mule when told I can’t do something. Then I run out of swagger grow a horn and flitter unproductively about like the mule/ unicorn crossbreed I really am.

I’ve researched long and interestedly into blogging and the use of social media , in particular for digital migrants like myself. Finding readers for a blog written by someone over fifty is in itself a challenge because the age range of the ‘average’ blogger or blog reader is somewhat younger. I also needed to contemplate the point of my blog, my initial spurt of writings had a loose theme but in many respects I was all over the place . I made a vague New Year resolution that I would sort it, the blog, out and give it more focus. January and February came and went and here we are half way through March and I’m no nearer to a tidy focussed blog than I was a year ago when I started. In my defence I have been busy doing art and learning new skills and writing for other people. I realise now how challenging it is to be a lone operator, there is only me to do the stuff.

The denouement is that my blog is more or less what I want it to be . It needs to be tidier and more focussed and needs regular but not obsessive attention. A little digital spring cleaning and a breath of fresh air should sort things out

If anyone has any hints or tips please share them