Solitude #developing your eye

IMG_8356.JPGSometimes solitude sneaks up on you and sometimes many of us sneak off to find it. Time out from busy lives. This is a favourite spot in Cornwall and the solitude was fleeting but precious.

Temple is a word that the world recognises as a space for contemplation and quiet Solitude. Say that word in Cornwall currently and people’s reaction is somewhat different.

Temple is the site of life -changing roadworks on the A30. The delays caused at this particular Temple have hugely impacted on businesses and people, almost certainly causing  harm to those who are trapped for hours in their asphalt misery.

The picture above was taken after one such traffic experience. Whilst not exactly the silver lining of a cloud it is somewhat representational of the sentiment.

Abundance #everyday inspiration

IMG_5393Crystal Palace is the town that gives . A bustling Triangle  of loveliness, somehow defying all the preconceptions of London, it has a community feel that any small rural town would be proud of. Crowd funding to repair the station cat following a road accident is one example of the abundance of community care that just pops up in this south London gem, or the gentle cuddling of a small,lost, fox cub by a commuter prepared to wait until rescue arrived.

Bliss #developingyoureye

IMG_1357Bliss is a big subject

Bliss is the subject of my current on-line blogging masterclass.

Blissful , even the word gives a frisson of pleasure.


Big subject and,for me ,this photograph represents just one of the crazy things that can produce momentary Bliss.

The serendipity of texture alongside incredulity at a sudden misplacement of items. In this case a beautifully crafted piece of wedding jewellery with some plastic roses.

Bliss is also my favourite cafe in Crystal Palace


Bliss is also Saltash on a sunny day.b104-adef-f6b5-29a1

Dungeness #developingyoureye

IMG_9087Scale is everything in life and art. Dungeness in Kent is a place to put both life and art into perspective. It’s shingle beach and wild flat landscape give the perfect landscape for getting things into perspective.

Hugo here, is letting the wind ruffle his fur whilst I sketch notes for the painting below.


Mortuary gets a makeover


The Old Mortuary was converted from a single story Chapel of Repose, where people viewed their loved, or not, one, and a back work room, to a two-story extension attached to our existing cottage. The dimensions and style of the mortuary are slightly different to those of the cottage. We decided to maintain the utilitarian/industrial, albeit on a small scale, nature of the conversion. We wanted to replicate a concrete finish on the walls. This can be hideously expensive but our builders, Superfit, worked creatively to give us the finish we wanted in a more economic way. The result is beautiful and very hard wearing.

The full story of the conversion will be a whole other story, one day.


Street #developingyoureye Tran Phu, Hoi An, Vietnam

Placeholder ImageHoi An is a beautiful small city in Vietnam. I took this shot of Tran Phu last week, after rain and nightfall. Hoi An is famed for its tailors, Japanese merchant houses and tea warehouses. All of which are on this street. I spent happy hours drinking tea in the most peaceful tea house , Reaching Out on Tran Phu and had some amazing clothes made at AoBaBa on the same street.

Home #developingyoureye takes its name from our home. We recently redeveloped an old, unused undertakers building. We bought the building unseen as the keys to the back portion had been lost long ago. Before we actually got in the building I had a romantic notion that we would find artefacts  not dissimilar to the beautiful bottle here, which I actually photographed at Petersham Nurseries, Surrey. The truth was somewhat different.