Our name in lights

IMG_6995IMG_6968We wanted to preserve the memory of the old undertakers building that we redeveloped last year. As luck would have it London Signs had their workshop not far from our flat in Gipsy Hill. We commissioned this neon sign from them .  Visiting the workshop was a great experience as many of the signs they make are iconic all over Britain. It’s lovely to see craftsman created signs that are not digitally designed.

oldmortuary.design- our style


A coffee/style addict in Cheltenhan

Baker and GrazeIMG_9509Whilst working away from home, I’m always desperate to find the best coffee. At the moment, I’m based at Cheltenham General Hospital and having tried all the coffee shops within the hospital, I can confirm its all terrible. The stuff ‘palpitations’ are made with.

So whilst only given 30 minutes for lunch, I decided to check out Baker and Graze. It had the look outside of somewhere that cared about coffee and good food. They serve food, many types of chocolate brownies, also freshly baked bread. The brunch type servings looked delicious.

The ‘flat white’ was superb and gave me the hit required with no ill effects. Needless to say whilst working away, this will be my cafe of choice.

The Hutong Cafe, Plymouth.

My dogs are urban dogs, they like a circular walk on tarmac with plenty of green space to run around on and a dog friendly cafe for a bit of a nap. I’ve been trying to recreate that for them in Plymouth. Today I struck gold for all of us.

We parked at Devils Point and had half an hour of fabulous sniffs and running about before descending the steps into the Royal William Yard to call in at Ocean Studios before taking the road back to Devils Point.

The Hutong Cafe just outside the grand gates of the Royal William Yard used to be a pub. Now it’s a stylish cafe serving great coffee.IMG_9451I’m not the main coffee addict at theoldmortuary.design but I do know a good cup of coffee when the bubbles on the crema reflect beautiful oily-looking copper colours on the  top of a simple black coffee. So there we go, top marks for the look of a black coffee, top marks for flavour. My piece of cake was great too , but as usual I’m really more about the style of the place.

Hutong has great style. Easy on the eye, industrial retro , done impeccably, which is not always  as simple as it looks.IMG_9452

Style is also about the ambience  of the place and Hutong gets it right. Dogs are welcome either outside or inside, nearer to the front of the cafe.IMG_9459George, one of the owners, was welcoming when we arrived and he and Owen the barista  were involved in conversations with everyone in the cafe at some point during my visit. Later I met Jack , George’s brother and co-owner, who is equally engaging. George and Jack have great plans for the future of this cafe and they were a pleasure to natter to. Chris the chef made a brief appearance to smile , completing what seems to be a winning team. A cafe this good is a great addition to the area and a fabulous place to take the most dedicated of coffee lovers.IMG_9457


Dungeness, I’ve loved this place for ever through the work of Derek Jarman. When I relocated to London it became my favourite place to visit when I needed a fix of sea air. The boardwalks are a gift to photographers and I can never resist them. This one makes it onto the website because the vapour trail mimics the direction of the distant boardwalk.