Pandemic Pondering #476

At last we have WiFi. Back in the world of communicating via tech. It’s funny that my morning walk showed me benches and seats that are set up to allow non tech human to human conversation. The one above is set up high on a look out point accessed via one of two ‘secret’ Gardens close to home. The view from here is spectacular.

But two deck chairs set up for side to side nattering has huge potential for a satisfying conversation. The other`secret’ garden has a bench for four people to enjoy a lively chat.

During the various lock downs we have sat at each of these locations to have conversations and coffee. Much as we love a good natter for its own sake the benefit of talking and laughing or consoling with other people has been immense in the last 18 months.

My final great seat of nattering is a beauty.

Large enough to hold two bubbles of people and perfectly positioned outside, but under a stone canopy for inclement weather. This one has been a winter favourite with one negative point. It is made of metal and can be very cold on the bum.

A small celebration of the potential of conversation on the day @theoldmortuary is finally back in the loop.

Pandemic Pondering #468

Another day with a late blog, no broadband, no WiFi and a very poor signal. Also after two days waiting in vain for engineers we now have to wait 48 hours before we can get another appointment. Instead of scrolling through our phones we continue to unpack. Here is a tidy corner featuring tinned products that Have printed tin rather than paper wrappings. We are not avid collectors of anything but we do love some printed tin. We don’t collect fridge magnets either but the tiny collection below is evidence of how far down the unpacking pecking order we have got.

We are off for a swim soon, so with luck tomorrow’s blog will not be a reflection of cupboard curating. Who could begin to guess when a normal service will resume.

Pandemic Pondering #464

The sun setting on another day of unboxing and unbagging. When packing pre-move we tried to be as logical as possible, room by room, but the new house has very different aesthetic requirements and unpacking is not quite as simple as we had planned. A lovely bonus is that the new house lies on an East/West axis with the front of the house facing east. Hugo and Lola are taking huge pleasure in chasing pools of sunlight through the day.

Chasing is clearly not exactly the right word but languishing has no sense of action. They have brief periods of action and longer ones of languishing. I’m unsure exactly what the human project for today is but there will be no human languishing. More boxes, more bags for certain. Meanwhile there is always flowers!

Happy Friday

Pamdemic Pondering #460

Monday has dawned after drenching storm last night. Yesterdays domestic admin got half the container plants moved between deluge.

But the twelve left have had a proper soaking overnight and will be twice as heavy this morning.The snails in our corner of the world are positively psychedelic with the tasty treats delivered to them.

Beyond getting wet and moving plants Monday for us will be a busy day of logistics. Facebook brought up some interesting memories for the 28th June. This one with appropriate Pride month filter was me heading off to Mansion House in London to a Ball to commemorate the staff and work of The Heart Hospital London. A Cardio/Thoracic specialist unit that was merged with Barts Hospital in the City.

After a day being wet and muddy it was nice to be reminded that I can scrub up for ‘a bit of a do’ even if such things are currently just a memory. Just as hugging for a photo is.

This was our last on call trio at the same hospital 24 hours each in turn. Happy Days, good to have dressed- up memories when the day ahead will feature a lot of psychedelic snails and not any dressing up.

The snails are by our granddaughter, in truth ours are not quite so vivid.

Pandemic Pondering #459

This is a weekend that is heavy on domestic admin. Yesterday was house stuff and today will be gardens. Before we buried ourselves in the nitty gritty of it all we had a swim and were joined, in the water,on this occasion by a pilot gig. The domestic admin goes on at a pace, we are moving ‘stuff’, finding ‘stuff’ and repositioning ‘stuff’.

This is the 178th day of the year. It would be an understatement to say that this has been an odd year. Is it odder than 2020? Maybe that can be my project for Sunday while I’m re organising garden plants. Have a good Sunday whatever you are doing with it. Plants and weather permitting tomorrow’s blog will be full of colour.

Pandemic Pondering #226

Yesterday was wet and grey. A day for sorting paperwork and avoiding storms. The trouble with sorting paperwork is that it is rarely exciting, on the other hand, magazines that have inadvertantly got caught up in the paperwork become fascinating. This is how I discovered our cheese plant is an interior design cliché.

Even when writing little blogs I like to share some evidence that I’m not talking utter nonsense, but such was the success of the paperwork sorting I can no longer find the magazine that made such a sweeping statement. Googling has not helped one bit. Cheese plant cliché shaming is overwhelming on the Internet. To make matters worse our cheese plant has a name ‘Freddy’.

I am aware this small blog is fairly dull. It could have been way racier. Among the paperwork store was my mother’s collection of ‘Adult’ text books. A fine collection of 1960’s and 70’s sexual health and information books previously on- loan in the Family Planning clinics that she ran in Essex. Weaving a blog around those may take a little time. So today you just get Freddy. Twice.