#549 theoldmortuary ponders

Jot down the first thing that comes to your mind.

Goodness me that Prosecco hit the spot last night. It bubbled gently into the fissures, sulci and gyri of my brain and loosened up random thoughts that I felt obliged to share. Thank goodness it was a talking party and not a dancing one. Undoubtedly Prosseco would have given me the misguided belief that I was flexible.

On the way to the party we found a little moss heart. Tossed to the ground by birds impatient to get their nests built.

It is the time of year when something soft and yielding provokes a sinking feeling as we walk in our street. The instant reaction is that it is a poo left behind by an inattentive dog owner, or worse a fox. Such a sense of relief when it is just a bit of carelessly dropped moss. The little heart had three locations to pose in on our short walk.

Stark wooden boards.
Craggy church wall.

I would not have been so creative with a poo.

‘Jot down the first thing you think of’

It could have been worse.

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