#550 theoldmortuary ponders

© Clare Law

What would be the wisest thing to do on a dreadfully greige day that is coincidentally World Earth Day. We took ourselves off to a fabulous friends solo art exhibition at Cotehele in the Tamar Valley. Clare creates landscape magic with a palate knife.

Wonderful pictures of landscapes at their vibrant best.

© Clare Law

She is also super clever at creating realistic and enticing, to cold water swimmers, waterscapes.

Clare and I have sat at opposite ends of the same Wisteria Pergola on Drawing Days at Pentillie Castle

I don’t think she was as troubled as I was by the black labrador.

©theoldmortuary.design https://theoldmortuary.design/2023/04/12/532-theoldmortuary-ponders/

Link above for the dog story. Image below to more clearly see her painting.

You night even see me at the far end of the picture… I joke of course, I would have been off canvas interacting with a big dog!

World Earth Day, a greige old day spent in glorious technicolour. Clare’s exhibition is on at Cotehele House until May 1st.

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