#531 theoldmortuary ponders.

Strange isn’t it? That after my minor rant in blog # 428 two days ago, the title below was suggested as a blogging topic. https://theoldmortuary.design/2023/04/01/428theoldmortuary-ponders/

If you could have something named after you, what would it be?

The simple answer is that I have never given the matter much thought as an  individual. Another answer would be that if my surname were to be used there would be no point. There was a minor male saint of the same name who has a church named after him in Cornwall and Greece, and within that Cornish churchyard a rare daffodil has been given the same name.

Then there is an actual ancestor, male, who founded an American University and there are towns of the same name. The female diminutive form of my name, Ju, does not really work and I stopped using that name many years ago when working in a predominantly Jewish area. In the early days of my employment I was asked what I would like to be called, when I offered my abbreviated name I was told.

“If we shout that in a crowded room, everyone will come running”

So I adopted the male diminutive, Jules and we have come full circle. No point naming anything after me. A man got there before me.

I am also rather coy about signing my artwork. Coy is not a word I would use to describe a woman who over shares her mundane life in a daily blog. But I have the core of an introvert who wears the big flamboyant cloak of an extrovert. This week will be all about framing and yes, signing artwork. In teeny tiny writing that can barely be seen. I picked up this seasons basic prints yesterday and got a quote for some Giclee prints.

I made a start on framing and signing too.

There are two more paintings to be finished by the end of the month too.

Nearly There Trees with tiny autograph. ©theoldmortuary

So in answer to the question above, I need nothing named after me. One day I will slip the extroverts cloak and the introvert core will be no more, the autographs will fade and for a while, I will be a memory until those memories fade too and there will be anonymous space for others to fill in whichever way they choose.

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