#530 theoldmortuary ponders

A day with no plans started in the pink and then as these days do, it filled in unexpected ways. Chores were done, the winter coats were bagged up and put up in the roof. We moved stuff into the garage in the sunshine, the smell of cooking food and intriguing music wafted from the nearby monthly food market. In winter months the market is held indoors and the sounds and smells don’t reach us. But today the market is out on the green and the smells are too good to miss.

Blue skies and only slightly wet grass made the market a lovely interlude between some very odd jobs. Including admin.

I am 48 hours late for a deadline for an art exhibition. I am not sure where the hours have gone this weekend. I was properly duped by a friend for April fools day. Thinking a friend was in a pickle and without a phone signal I was busy researching for her…

Time when I should have been applying for the art exhibition…

Totally hoodwinked, my hat is off, never have I been so gullible on April 1st. Next year I will be more alert. But for 2023, the joking world is her oyster.

This particular friend has given me a wonderful way to respond to righteous disagreements. So I forgive her and applaud her success

The sort of disagreement where someone has reached an impasse or stalemate in negotiations.

“Oh well” people will often say ” the ball is in their court”

Which suggests that one side has handed the power of resolution to the other side.

Gills’, under the breath, response to that, which I have now used a couple of times in meetings, is-

” Oh yes, but the bat is up my arse”

Immediately grabbing the, hidden, power back in one deft sentence.

Onwards into another week, closer to Spring or Autumn, depending on your hemisphere.

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