#529 theoldmortuary ponders

A blast from the past.

I’m not sure when I last had an actual ticket for anything. Yesterday was no different. We were off to the ballet with an E ticket but we were directed to the box office to collect an actual ticket.


We were off for an afternoon of Contemporary Ballet. With seats as close to the stage as possible. One of the great pleasures of ballet is seeing fit health bodies working at peak performance. We didn’t bother to read reviews, I am pleased about that, as the review above was hardly glowing. My experience was completely different. Peaky Blinders by the Rambert company on a Saturday afternoon, on the first day of April,was a blast of dark energy that will keep me smiling and thinking for weeks.Something almost Pagan, using up the dark forces of winter to leave a blank canvas for Spring. Link below to video.

I was an avid viewer of the TV series and can perfectly see why someone would think the theme and storyline could be translated into Contemporary Dance. I don’t believe it was at all necessary to have seen TV ‘s Peaky Blinders to enjoy Ramberts Peaky Blinders.

I am beginning to wonder if my enjoyment of Contemporary Ballet has completely trumped Classical Ballet.

Just before the Covid years I went to a classical ballet that was in a modern setting. I had no idea of the storyline and was happy to let the dance tell me the story. I broke all my own rules in the interval. Googling fiercely to try and make sense of what I had just seen. I read a synopsis and reviews and along with my gin and tonic I returned for the second half enlightened and encouraged. Enlightenment did not do the trick, the second half was as bleakly opaque as the first. Enlightenment created tiny chunks of understanding but I came away baffled and bemused. I realised I had not for one moment enjoyed the physicality of the dance, not once appreciated peak of perfection musculature.

As someone who studied ballet for 7 years and decidedly believed, for a while, that a five foot four inches, dumpy girl might one day be the Sugar Plum Fairy. I am a little sad that Classical Ballet is losing its allure for me but there is only so much ballet time in a normal humans life. Contemporary is the way to go for me.

©Rambert Dance

One thought on “#529 theoldmortuary ponders

  1. I’ve never seen peaky blinders, but it sounds like a great modern ballet for many reasons. I’m not a dancer at all, but so admire their athleticism, artistry, and form.

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