#237 theoldmortuary ponders

With reference to yesterdays blog. The plan was to be wearing Coastal Granny attire for another day. Remarkably the pale colours of coastal chic had remained clean and bright, almost certainly because there were no coastal small persons around and because I had remained, unusually, far away from paint. Just some gentle sewing was attempted. On balance I may aim for Coastal Nana, a less influential style in terms of fashion 2022, but more achievable. On balance is absolutely the two key words of this blog. In the picture above I am wearing lycra because plans change. We did not spend Sunday with me wafting around in pale colours and Hannah flying down a zip wire. We registered for an aerial class at short notice. Then we worried a bit about quite what we had signed up for.


We went to the beautiful Market Hall in Devonport and put our trust in gorgeous orange fabric.

And 3 aerial instructors from Off The Wall Aerial.


©Off The Wall Aerial

It was a blast, an anxious blast at times, but most certainly the blastiest Sunday morning in a very long while.

We were gently introduced to our silken slings and warmed up in such a way that trepidation was replaced with temptation to actively try everything that was suggested. However unthinkable moments earlier.

Some of the exercises were fascinating and the urge to just hang, supported only by fabric was impossible to ignore.

Pointy toes and a concentrating face.

Towards the end we threw ourselves backwards, confident that we would be caught by the cocoon of orange fabric.

Trust in the instructors and their ability with knots was instant , a morning well spent and never to be forgotten.