#231 theoldmortuary ponders

©Gilly Bobber

The sun sets on an unusual 4 day weekend when the Queen celebrated her Platinum Jubilee.

The bobbers got together in their usual place, Firestone Bay, to have a dry bob. A bob that does not require immersion in the sea but that does involve food and nattering. We gathered for a picnic at Stonehouse Lawn Tennis Club for a picnic overlooking our usual swimming spot.

The topics were, as usual, wide ranging but the Queen was touched upon and South West Film Archive provided vital evidence of one bobber presenting the Queen with a bouquet of flowers, she also, thoughtfully, gave Prince Philip a button hole, carefully wrapped in tin foil to protect his uniform. Posterity did not record that moment but we do have a still from the bouquet presentation.

©SW Film Archive. Shelley Bobber meets the Queen.

Today was a significant moment in history. None of us will ever see a Royal Jubilee again, so full on picnic time it was, with Sandwiches, Sausage Rolls, A cheese, pineapple and silver skin onion hedgehog, Fritatas, Scones, Strawberries and cream, Savoury Pin Wheels, Cherries, Crisps and Prosecco.

Games were played.

Trees were planted, cheers were cheered, and the National Anthem attempted. A good day was had.

#230 theoldmortuary ponders.

Lovely buns brought the Drawn to the Valley, Spring Exhibition to a close. 100 visitors and members came to the final day of the exhibition and the afternoon was further enhanced by tea and cakes for everyone. Buns are a fine way to spend part of Saturday but a puppy is an even finer way to make the day memorable. Meet Mini, a friends Dachshund baby.

And if a little puppy wanted a cuddle it would be churlish to refuse.

And just like that Saturday passed in a joyous whirl of buns and puppies. Perfection really.