#174 theoldmortuary ponders

Our hearts and minds bend towards supporting independent businesses wherever possible, even on long car journeys. Our bladders however have no idea about sticking to independent trading. All was well initially, yesterday, and we made it to Teals Farm, a fabulous independent stop on a busy road, the A303. Bladders, heads and hearts all  satisfied with the destination.


Our breakfast needy stomachs were not so satisfied, we arrived just 4 minutes after breakfasts stopped being served. So we had to be happy with take out, and looking at the farm shop goodies. I picked out the eponymous teal coloured items for the pictures above. We were only, actually, prompted to spend money on blood oranges, which were delicious and colourful, better for us than the delicious and colourful chocolate that we managed to swerve.

The trouble is that one stop inevitably leads to another and when the coffee had worked its magic on our bladders there was no independent company on the A303 horizon. Starbucks could, however, confirm to the slight colour theme of this blog.

Bladders happy, if not our moral compass we set off for the shortish journey home. Two huge cups of tea in hand. All well and good you might think but fate had other ideas. Two badly behaved dogs had escaped onto the A38 causing traffic to stop for a very long time. Tea like coffee has only one place to go eventually, causing another big chain business stop, once we were eventually on the move again.

The moral of this blog is that we might like to think we choose to use independent companies whenever possible but it is our bladders that call the shots and they have no qualms about using big business.  What is a body to do?

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