#173 theoldmortuary ponders

Still following a pair of brown and white bottoms but considerably larger than the brown and white bottoms of Hugo and Lola. Who, this morning, were taking sleep very seriously.

Unlike yesterday all our adventures are rural, traipsing the Commons and sampling the pubs of Wimbledon and Putney. This Mandarin duck was an early highlight.

We also took some time out to explore Putney Vale Cemetery. One of London’s ‘ great’ cemeteries. This time the highlight was not the great, gothic, architecture but actually the current burial grounds. The last resting place of multicultural Londoners, has a joyous mix of the ways people of different ethnicities, religions or heritages mark the passing of loved ones. Out of respect I took no photos but if you are ever in London the huge 19 th Century cemeteries are strangely life affirming, and the twenty first century areas are every bit as interesting as the old bits. So much love shared in a public space

There was a small drama to our day, a lost pair of reading glasses. With diligence and back tracking they were found at the very beginning of the days adventure. Wimbledon Windmill.

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