#164 theoldmortuary ponders

Dawn April 1st 2019

I need no excuse to republish this photograph. A tributary running into the Tamar at low tide.I love it. 2019 was the last time April arrived when the arrival of Spring was anything like optimistic, yesterday April 1st blew in with bright sunshine, sharp shadows and icy cold blasts. Some optimism but not on the heady scale of 2019.

Lola has another week of convalescence, with only two walks a day of fifteen minutes. Hugo was booked in for a haircut so we had a couple of hours of being out and about when we could only be out and about in an extremely leisurely way. Some gentle Charity Shop shopping provided a brand new cashmere jumper that made outdoor breakfast a much more comfortable affair than it would have been, dressed as I was originally.

There are rules though about Charity shop shopping, if things come home with us other things have to be donated. With Lola comfortably settled on a sofa in the studio I set about a bit of a spring clean with donation in mind. The studio became the last place of the house to be sorted out when we moved. I had sorted it enough to be a usable space but there is plenty still to do. Lola will happily oversee my efforts in the next week from the comfort of a velvet sofa.

Yesterday Facebook gave me a time hop photo of Hugo as a clean white five month old puppy 9 years ago. A lovely coincidence as being groomed yesterday has given me a clean white mature gentleman for a few days. A picture comparison was inevitable.

Just for balance here is a recuperating Lola cautiously extending her love of cuddles

And some late narcissus that make the house smell beautiful every morning.

April , not exactly optimistic but better than March.

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